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Vineyard Youth Tennis Grows Up

Vineyard Youth Tennis Grows Up

The Martha’s Vineyard Times
May 21st, 2009
“Vineyard Youth Tennis grows up”
Written by Whit Griswold

At 2:20 on an early spring afternoon, Vineyard Youth Tennis is empty, almost dormant. There is one car in the parking lot, four empty tennis courts, and an almost hollow clubhouse building. But two hours later the lot is half full and the place is buzzing – especially on the courts in “the bubble.”

If you’re an Islander under 18 years old and your parents know a great idea when it smacks them in the face, let alone the difference between a drop shot and a lob, chances are you’ve been part of that buzz at some point in the last seven years.

The brainchild of Gerald DeBlois, a tennis enthusiast who owns a summer home in West Tisbury, The Vineyard Youth Tennis (VYT) Foundation started working its magic…
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