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Open Court Schedule and Policies


Week of Monday  5/14
Monday 6:30 to Sunset
Tuesday 6:15 to Sunset
Wednesday No open court
Thursday  6:30 to Sunset
Friday    6:15 to Sunset
Saturday 1:00-to Sunset
Sunday  -Round Robin 1:00-3:00 sign up


 Open Court Policies:

  •  When courts are not being used for classes (evenings, weekends, holidays and school vacations) we offer the use of our courts for Open Court time. We invite children to come and play either with another child or an adult. It must always be at least one child playing.
  •  All participants (adults included) must abide by our dress code during Open Court times.
  •  Courts may be reserved in increments of one hour per week per child, starting Monday @ 1:00 pm for the current week. You may only reserve a second hour of court time if you wait until the last minute (the day of) to inquire about the availability of a court.
  • The last person using a court at the end of the day is responsible for sweeping and lining the court

Summer Registration open for Year Round Residents-(you have the whole month of May to register)
VYT closed for Memorial Day Weekend
(No Classes Saturday)
Classes will resume the Tuesday after
Have a great holiday!